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For over 19 years, Advanced Cutting Technologies, Inc. (ADCUT) has provided hundreds of customers throughout the United States with accurate and dependable cutting services.

Today we have 5 water jet machines, two of the largest can produce parts up to 15′ x 30′ in size; great for synthetic turf, carpet & sheet vinyl.  But equally important is our ability to handle small parts with ultra precision.  Unique fixturing methods we have developed enable us to produce cuts on parts as small as 1/8″ in diameter!

University of Missouri 2012

USC Gamecock Forbo Mannington

USC Gamecock Forbo Mannington

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

A pure waterjet cutting system circuit filters tap water via an inlet filtration system towards a booster pump which maintains pressure at approximately 90 psi. It is then redirected towards a reciprocating intensifier pump and pressurized to approximately 60,000 psi or more. Travel then continues through a shock attenuator which maintains a steady flow and prevents water pulsation. High pressure stainless steel tubing serves to deliver the pressurized water to the cutting head nozzle. A jewel with an orifice typically 0.004” to 0.015” in diameter then transforms the pressure to velocity resulting in a stream that travels from Mach 2 to Mach 3 speeds. Jewel heads are typically sapphire or diamond.

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